Irina 36-testimonialsWorking with Irina is a pleasure! She is always very attentive. She is a talented stylist with impeccable taste! As a creative person, she applies to everything! As always, she is stylish, professional and flawless! Irina, thanks for your unique style and understanding of me! The skill and taste of the Master is seen at a glance.

I am very grateful to you for advice in your selection of my attire for my photo shoot! Very easy to communicate with Irina, who wants to catch all the subtleties and nuances of your exact needs. I recommend her for those who want to look stylish and beautiful! Whoever comes to Irina will leave with good advise and no regrets!

Irina, thank you very much!

Liuba A.


I was lucky enough to work with stylist Irina Kolenda. The task was not easy: to radically change the style of clothes and create a new image. What exactly was I needed, I represented only in outline. Through the professionalism of Irina, she laid out the image in detail — from the hairstyles and hair colors to the clothes. She changed my inner feelings!!! Irina is a unique person.

The work was very easy. As a psychologist, Irina immediately found a way to connect with me. Everyone who wants to change their lives for the better, I recommend this remarkable professional. It will be something unforgettable!

Julia K.


I am very happy with my closet arrangement and with my new clothes. This organization makes it easier and quicker to get ready for work. Great job! Thank you!

Olche K.