Irina 31-servicesIrina is proud to provide a full range of services to suit the diverse needs of her clientele. Regardless of budget, gender or age, a client may expect a customized experience that results in a brand new look that best reflects his or her individual tastes. Always creative, always collaborative, Irina seeks to help each person develop an exclusive image and confidently express his or her personal style.

It begins with a conversation. Every person has a distinctive personality, an image that represents him or her alone, and this is where any styling process should start. Irina strives to understand what makes each client an individual, what goals, desires and priorities he or she has, as well as taking into consideration personal features, such as skin tone, eye color and shape, hair style and color, facial structure, and body shape. She balances all these elements before advising on color schemes, make-up, hair design and attire for a custom result.

Refresh, renew and replace. A closet audit involves reviewing the entire contents of a client’s wardrobe to determine which pieces are working, which items can be refurbished and which ought to go. Once reorganized, Irina suggests additional pieces to further supplement and round out the collection.

Busy clients don’t always have the time for leisurely shopping; other clients simply want expert advice before spending their hard-earned cash. Regardless of the need, Irina provides hands-on shopping assistance, either accompanying a client to select boutiques or purchasing pieces in their stead. She dutifully maintains the client’s style preferences and budget when choosing clothing, shoes and accessories.

Special events call for elevated glamor. Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary or holiday, Irina elegantly outfits her clients from head-to-toe, removing all stress from the process. Happy, relaxed clients showcase perfectly polished exteriors thanks to Irina’s advice on hair, make-up and attire.

Office clothing should be more than functional; it should be aspirational. Appearing confident, professional and fashionable can help further a career by making an excellent impression on colleagues and executives alike. Irina assists clients in developing a look that is not only appropriate for their work place but also is stylish and flattering.

Waste not, want not, ill fitting clothing, items in states of mild disrepair and unfashionable garments aren’t necessarily destined for disposal. Many pieces can experience new life with the help of Irina’s keen eye for alterations and improvements. She advises clients on how to alter a favorite item to bring it up to date and wearable, and she effortlessly recreates new designs from old fashions.