Irina 15-about

Multifaceted, multicultural and multitalented, Irina Kolenda has a natural worldliness that inspires her taste. Born and raised in Ukraine with Russian roots, Irina spent her youth and early adulthood exploring exotic locales, including Ireland, Turkey, Istanbul, Egypt and Morocco, before immersing herself in American metropolises, from Sausalito to San Antonio, Las Vegas to Lihue, Hawaii. Ultimately, she settled in Downtown Chicago, where the unique diversity, welcoming community and dynamic industry influence her work every day.

Born with innate creative inclinations, Irina further developed her instinctive skills by studying hair design and make-up, which led to training in image, style and color. Never one to rest on her laurels, Irina pursued a more classical education at Pedagogical University in Ukraine, earning a dual degree in Psychology and English language and literature. It’s this combination of aesthetic and cerebral aptitude that sets her apart.

Irina has a natural eye for beauty, a skill perfected through education, experience and dedication. She’s particularly passionate about helping others discover their own singular look, one that imparts confidence and elegance while also displaying the unique attributes of each personality. Irina believes fashion is a powerful tool, a wordless communication that expresses one’s essence.

With her cultivated bag of tricks, Irina assists her clients in finding themselves through fashion, whether for a single special event or as a dramatic image overhaul. Her helpful, friendly process founded on classic European styling encourages experimentation, unselfconscious expression and mutual collaboration, and it isn’t relegated to the wealthy alone. Irina works with all budget levels, balancing moderately priced pieces with high-end designer labels on a case-by-case basis.

Yves Saint Laurent once quoted: “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” With Irina, reworking one’s look is so much more than swapping one outfit for another; it’s a profound experience that’s both uplifting and life changing. So, why not start fresh today?

IK STYLE by Irina Kolenda